The Original Wave™ Ear Cuffs and Non-Pierced Ear Wrap Earrings

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Welcome to Ear Charms, Home of the Original Non-Pierced ‘Comfort Fit’ Wave™ Ear Cuff Earrings. “Ear’gonomically™ Designed by Sandra Callisto, Copyright 1982, The Wave™ Earring Cuff is the Basis of Many of Our Most Comfortable, Adjustable and Attractive Women’s Ear Cuff Earrings We've Ever Made. More Than Just Faux Body Piercing Jewelry.

Simply NON-Pierced, just Wraps Around the Side Cartilage of the Ear. Great to Accent Your Pierced Ears Similar to a 2nd Hole or Earring Jacket and Many Even More Fun For Non-Pierced or Damaged Ears… Check Out Our Long Wave™ Ear Cuffs, Grecian Curls and Ear Cuff Earring Converters. Most of Our Short Wave™ Ear Cuffs Are Stackable on One Ear, and also Adjusts to Fit as Children’s Earring Cuffs.

Single or Pair???  ½ Like to Wear Our Ear Cuffs as a Single Accent to Regular Pierced Earrings the Rest Like to Wear Them As Pairs or Mix & Match is Fun Too.

Ear Charms Ear Cuffs as a Single or a Pair are the Best Conversation Starters You Will Ever Wear.

Classic Wave™ Ear Cuffs

Flower and Leaf Wave™ Ear Cuff

Sea Life Inspired Ear Cuffs

Simple & Basic Ear Cuffs

Short Beaded Wave™ Ear Cuffs

Long Beaded Wave Ear Cuffs in Boho Sterling silver & gems

Shooting Star Ear Cuffs

Full Ear Spray Wave Ear Cuffs

Pearl & Gem Swirl Wave™ Ear Cuffs

Wildlife Inspired Ear Cuffs

Sculptural Ear Cuffs

"One-Liners" S-Shaped Ear Cuffs

Heart Wave Ear Cuffs

Humanoid Ear Cuffs

Toppers™ Top Cartilage Ear Cuffs

Wave Ear Cuff Dangles

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