Ear Charms Non-pierced Ear cuff Earring, Converter and earring Jacket

A beautiful non-pierced ear cuff earring on it's own, Ear Charms' ear cuff / earring converter wraps around the side cartilage of the ear.  pierced earrings to non-pierced ear cuff earrings.  Also works as an earring Jacket for those who do have a piercing. 

This is the most versatile of all our Ear Charms we make, and great for non-pierced & pierced ears alike. 

Get creative—hang any pendant, charm, beads, or chains. Remove the earring post or hook off of old pierced earrings, hang your earrings jump ring from the ear cuff and... Another unique earring cuff.

The cartilage is what holds it on. Your cartilage can carry heavier dangles much more comfortably than the hole in a soft lobe. No holes needed!

IF you do have pierced ears, you can put a stud earring right through the center & then through hole in the lobe.