non-pierced ear cuff earrings - Ear Charms
non-pierced ear cuff earrings - Ear Charms
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Black Onyx Briolette Dangle Wave Ear Cuff (Wholesale)

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Ear Charms Long Sexy Genuine Black Onyx Facet Cut Briolette non-pierced Long Dangle Wave Ear Cuff Earrings are . Beautiful Basic Style Wears with Just About Everything. The Long Dangle Hangs Down About 1  3/4 inches from the Cuff Itself Which Comes to the Bottom of Most earlobes. Usually Our Long Dangles are Worn Alone but Can be worn with Small Studs or Topper Ear Cuffs if Desired.

As a single or a pair, they are the best conversation starters you'll ever wear!

Comfortable, Easy to Slide On & Fully Adjustable too. (A Favorite for non-pierced & Problem Pierced Ears).

Non-Pierce Design by Sandra Callisto Laguna Beach, CA USA © Ear Charms Inc. 1982 2017

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