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Turquoise Disc Dangle Ear Cuff

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Ear Charms non-pierced 10+mm Turquoise Gem Disc Dangle Ear Cuff Earrings. The Turquoise Disc Drops Down About 1- 1/2 inches from the Cuff Itself, Which Comes to the Bottom of Most earlobes. A Great Ear Cuff Basic Can be Worn with so Almost Anything.

Usually Our Long Dangles are Worn Alone but Can be worn with a Topper Ear Cuff or Small Pierced Studs if Desired. Ear Charms Dangle Earring Cuffs are Favorites for non-pierced & Problem Pierced Ears.

As a Single or a Pair, They Are the Best Ice Breakers You'll Ever Wear.

Comfortable, Easy to Slide On & Simple to Adjust for Secure and Comfort Fit.

Gift Boxed and Simple Instructions Included.

non-pierced Ear Cuff Designs by Sandra Callisto Laguna Beach, CA USA ‚© Ear Charms Inc. 1982 ¢‚€œ 2017

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