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Frog Rhodium On Silver Ear Charm's Hand Carved Non-Pierced Reversible Ear Cuff Earrings


$26.00 $29.00


Ear Charm’s Lucky Frog Non-Pierced Ear Cuff Earring Comfortably Climbs Up on the Left Side Mid Ear Cartilage or Flip Him Over and He Climbs Down on the Right Ear. Wearing Him Up or Down or Both You Will See Smiles Where Ever You Go.
Adjustable for a Comfortable, Secure Fit. NO Holes, Clips or Posts Needed.
White Rhodium Over 925 Sterling Silver for a Carefree Finish.
A Single Frog Ear Cuff in White Rhodium Over .925 Sterling Silver for a Care Free Finish.
Hand Carved for the Fun of It by Sandra Callisto, Laguna Beach, CA © Ear Charms Inc. 1982 - 2017

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