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Lady G Sterling Silver Ear Cuffs Earring - Left Only


$25.00 $29.00


Hard to find… Naked Ladies Are Here!
Don’t Miss Your Chance to Catch Your Own Non-Pierced Naked "Lady G." Ear Cuff. She Climbs up the Mid-Ear Cartilage & Her Whispers Will Entice! Her Right Leg Wraps Around the Back of the Left Ear & Right Arm Holds Onto the Front, Holding Her On… NO Holes Needed & She Has Shiny Anteni too! Don't Leave Home Without Yours.  Single, She Exclusively Rides Left Ears Only. Comfortable to Wear & Fully Adjustable. White Rhodium Over .925 Sterling Silver for a Care Free Finish. Hand Carved by Sandra Callisto, Laguna Beach, CA USA & Created Using the "Lost Wax Method" of Casting. © Ear Charms Inc. 1982 - 2017

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