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Golfing Kokopelli Ear Cuff Unisex


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Ear Charms non-pierced Small "Kokopelli Golfer" is Another fun Member of Our Koko Cuffs. He Reminds Us to Include A Little fun in Our Lives. This Swinging Version of the 'Cassanova of the Desert' is Quite a fun Conversation Piece & Let's Others Know That You Like to Swing A Club Also. Don't Golf Alone! The Smaller Size is Usually Worn as an Accent To Your Other Earrings or By Itself. Hand Carved by Sandra Callisto & Created Using the "Lost Wax Method" of Casting.
Our 'Koko Golfer' is for the Left Ear Only. Comfortable to Wear & Fully Adjustable. Yellow Gold Over .925 Sterling Silver. ‚© Ear Charms Inc. 1982 - 2020

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