The Original Wave™ Ear Cuffs and Non-Pierced Ear Wrap Earrings

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  • non-pierced ear cuff earrings - Ear Charms
  • non-pierced ear cuff earrings - Ear Charms

Plain Long Curly Q Sterling Silver Ear Cuffs Earrings


$14.95 $18.00


"Ear Charm's NON-Pierced Long Wave™ Minimalist Classic Curly Q Ear Cuff With a Simple, Plain With 2 Loops in Un-plated Solid .925 Sterling Silver (Which Can Use Polishing Once in a While). Makes A Very Nice Gift Which Can Be Worn With Just About Everything. Many People Like to Hang Beads, Earrings or Chain etc... From the Bottom Loop for a Change.

The Long Curly Q Wave™ Ear Cuffs Are Casual and Come Down Onto Most Ear Lobes. Our 'Long' Wave™ Length Is Often Worn Alone as an Alternative to Your Regular Pierced Earrings Or As an Accent to Your Other Earrings. Wraps the Ear No Holes Needed. Fun With Hoops & Dangle Earrings Too.

As a Single or a Pair They Are the Best Conversation Starters You'll Ever Wear. Comfortable, Easy to Slide On & Fully Adjustable. (Long Length is a Favorite For Non Pierced & Problem Pierced Ears).

Gift Boxed, Simple Instructions Included. Hand Crafted Non-Pierce Design by Sandra Callisto, As Seen At The Laguna Beach Summer Sawdust Arts Festival, Laguna Beach, CA USA © Ear Charms Inc. 1982 - 2016"

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