The Original Wave™ Ear Cuffs and Non-Pierced Ear Wrap Earrings

Ear Charm's Ear Cuffs at Pre-Holiday PRICE ROLL BACKS while supply lasts

Posted on 04 October 2017

Hello Everyone,  Welcome!

Here's your chance to Turn Heads with a beautiful Ear Cuff at Our lowest ever prices. 

Don't forget the Holiday Parties will be here before you know it & Ear Charms make FUN Gifts too!

We have Rolled Back prices on most everything in stock up to 30% & more.

Better to buy Quality on Sale, than lots of junk cheap. Who wants to wear junk anyway? 

Our Quality is obvious & guaranteed, even On Sale items.

Our comfort-fit (developed over 35+ years) is unsurpassed. 

These Lower Prices are Good Only on 'In Stock' items while supply lasts. Many of our "Dangle" styles are limited editions or 1 of a kind. Sorry no Custom work at these prices. 

Any Questions, please call me at 1-800-998-3277 or Email me direct at

We love our work & hope you enjoy it also.


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