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About Us

Sandra Callisto - Designer Ear Charms™
Laguna Beach, CA USA

We have been specializing in the design & creation of Non-pierced Ear Charms™ since 1982.

For Many years I have had problems with my own pierced ears & felt wearing pierced or clip on earrings painful. I began by making basic Ear cuffs that wrap around the ear. I soon expanded on the concept & extended many of my more contemporary designs to cascade down the ear lobe. Through the years I have realized many women's pierced ears can be problematic, or they simply don't want to pierce, re-pierce or multiply pierce their ears.

We no longer have to silently suffer in the name of beauty. These are a fun, beautiful & intelligent earring alternative,which evoke complementary curiosity in others, and quite often start conversation.

Now many of my styles actually cover the whole ear without piercing, pinching or pain. We call our Ear Charms Ear'gonmically designed, because they are engineered to naturally wrap & slide around the ear, using No Holes, No Ports & No Clips. Over the years I have made all the traditional types of jewelry, nothing else has captured my interest by allowing me to create in such a three dimensional, functional, challenging and rewarding way. The shape of the ear itself inspires many of my designs, however,my customer's comfort,nature, and especially the ocean are great influences.

We offer our Ear Charms™ as pairs, sets and single earrings. We have found that many like to wear their Ear Charms™ as pairs, while other like to asymmetrically mix & match, or they just like to wear a single as a fun accent to their other earrings. My designs are known for their understated beauty that gives them a fun, yet sophisticated style.

My goal is not to show how big and beautiful we can make our jewelry, but to actually compliment and beautify the wearer and enhance their other jewelry. We are noted for our comfortable, secure fit and well known for our graceful designs and quality materials and workmanship.

We offer all of our Ear Charms™ in Solid 14K. Yellow and White Gold. Most styles are also offered in Gold Vermeil, which is heavy, pure 24K. Gold Plated directly over our Sterling Silver(.925). We do not use nickel in the gold plating process so our earrings are hypoallergenic and fully adjustable. By request we also Rhodium plate over the Sterling Silver,to keep it shiny without needing to be kept polished.

We love our work and we hope you do too.

All of our designs are originals and protected by copyright, Ear Charms™ Inc.



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