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Cleaning Instructions:  

Soak the Ear Charm in a cup of hot water with a drop of dish soap or liquid jewelry cleaner.

Rinse it well with warm watter. The wipe or blow it dry.

Always clean your Ear Charms away form a sink drain.



Fitting Instructions:  

Start at the very top of your ear, hook Ear Charm from front to back over the top ridge. Make sure the Ear Charm is completely pushed on your ear before sliding it down the ear.

Slide the Ear Charm down your ear, rolling it inward toward the middle of your ear.

Roll it inward until the Ear Charm is securely hooked over the inner ridge side of your ear.

If the Ear Charm is too loose, squeeze it slightly until it is snug; if it is too tight, pull it open slightly.


Removal Instructions:

Slowly reverse the fitting steps above, sliding the Ear Charm up and off the top of your ear. Follow the path of least resistance.


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